Before we get into this review, you can view our testing process guidelines by heading here. It outlines how we test the headphones, and what we typically look for.

The Specifics

Who: Kygo Life is the lifestyle brand of the artist Kygo.

The product: Kygo A6/500 BT Headphones (available in Black, White, Burgundy, Palm, and Storm Grey)

What comes in the packaging: Kygo A6/500 BT Headphones, USB charging cable, user guide, and carrying case.

What are they selling us: "The perfect lightweight headphones to match an urban and cool style. The super slim design with ultra soft protein leather gives you hours of your favourite tracks without any cables to get in the way."

Things We Liked

Kygo A6/500 BT Headphones

Design: Kygo make some of the best-looking headphones on the market - especially from a minimalist, Instagram-worthy perspective - and the A6/500 BT Headphones are no different. Featuring minimal fluff - all you're provided with is some modest branding, and a few controls on the right ear. That's it. To quote Steve Martin in The Jerk: "and that's all I need."

Weight: They're so light. 135g to be exact. I googled 'things that weigh 135g', and this is what came up: "A "D" size battery weighs 135 g. The D size battery is the oldest of the modern battery sizes, first invented by the National Carbon Company in 1898." So there you have it, they weigh the same as a D battery, which is pretty light if you ask us.

Sound: For those of you looking for a warm soundstage, then these are pretty spot on. That doesn't mean the finer details are sacrificed, more that everything is covered in vintage vinyl warmth - which makes for a less harsh listening experience over an extended period of time. Outside of the that, the bass and mids are nicely managed - if a little bit swamped at times (more on that below).

The app: As mentioned in our A9/600 review, the Kygo Sound app can be used to alter the soundstage courtesy of four presets: Bergen (Acoustic/Piano), New York (R&B/Hip-Hop), Ibiza (Electronic House) and Los Angeles (Lounge). I'd still like a bit more control, but it's hard to knock the app's forward-thinking setup and ease of use.

18-hour playing time: 18 hours! That's a pretty long time, wouldn't you agree?

Things We Didn't Like

Kygo A6/500 BT Headphones

The warmth of the soundstage: Look, I know I put this down as a strong point, but if you want your bass to pop, these aren't the headphones for you. We found that range often bleeds, almost like a touch of reverb is being peppered in somewhere. Some of this can be addressed with the Kygo Sound app, but out-of-the-box, we'd want slightly more definition, even if it means the charming warmth is dialled back a touch.

Build quality: The compromise you make by having such a light pair of headphones is the worry that a small child could easily break them. And with little effort. Assuming you're careful with your possessions, you should be fine. If you're clumsy, move along.

Is It Worth The Money?

Given the price, I'd drop an extra £20 and get the A9/600 instead. The build quality is stronger, and the soundstage is a bit less swampy. However, this is still a strong piece of kit from Kygo, even if it is on the expensive end of the spectrum.

You can purchase the Kygo A6/500 BT Headphones by heading here. They retail for £179.90.