According to Blade Runner 2049, the current problem we’re experiencing with the USB-C port will not be the top of our worry list when the future rolls around. In 2018 though, it’s a problem of sorts as audiophiles who want to upgrade their phones are having to do so in the knowledge that their audio experience will currently have to outweigh their design goals. A stringy adaptor to convert USB-C to headphone jack is the cheapest option until one decides to invest in a decent pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Bluetooth headphones have a mixed history; they are either too expensive or the entry-level offerings are plagued with problems - stuttering audio, battery draining - which has made it more of a decision to purchase the tech instead of an impulse buy. This all leads me nicely into the wireless MA650s by RHA.

The Setup

Late last year, I had the pleasure of reviewing the MA650 headphones and even though I thought they didn’t bring anything special to the headphone market, what they did do was provide a consistent sound across the spectrum. The wireless offering of the MA650’s don’t add anything to the sound quality of the wired MA650’s (read that review here) but it’s the functionality outside of the sound that makes the wireless range more appealing.

On a full charge, you get 12 hours playback which covers your commutes, your early morning gym session and drowning out the unnecessary noise that comes with working in an open office. Don’t worry if you take them off and leave them on your desk, when disconnected the MA650s will wait 20 minutes before turning itself off.

Connecting the headphones is a simple process: make sure to turn the Bluetooth on your phone, laptop or device and then hold down the small nub-like button on the headset. You’ll know when it’s connected as the MA650’s make sure to provide you with headphone status both audibly and visually. The audible status, in particular, is useful as unlike your phone, you’re not always actively checking the battery level of your other devices.

The Design

They follow the design trend of the majority of wireless headphones. Strap around the neck with Bluetooth link built in on one side with the microphone port located nearby. The strap is not resizeable so it can look a touch stupid; imagine yourself wearing your grandmother’s biggest hooped earrings and you're close to what you sometimes look like. It’s an aesthetical fault and one that should not have been overlooked in the design stages but then, current in-ear wireless headphones are 2 parts Minority Report, 1 part Dune (Airpods look like someone forgot to attach the rest of the headphone). If you’re going to use them in the gym, then it’s good to know that the MA650’s are sweatproof. This is important because if you use headphones that are not, let’s just say - you are putting yourself at risk of ear problems.

The comfort

RHA want you to have the best experience whilst wearing their headphones. This is why they provide you with different sized ear-tips as no ear is the same (it’s why they are used to identify people in airports). Even though the strap is rather long, the headphones fit comfortably into your inner ear and you don’t really notice them. They only get in the way when you decide to wear a scarf.

Are they worth the money?

Yes. Retailing currently for £99.95, they are a really good investment especially for those Android users who have been unconvinced by the reviews of Google’s Pixel headphones.

If you’re looking for a pair of Bluetooth headphones that provide sound quality and a comprehensive noise cancelling option, then the MA650s are a fine investment. You can buy them from the official RHA website, which gives you free delivery and three-month warranty.