Before we get into this review, you can view our testing process guidelines by heading here.It outlines how we test the headphones, and what we typically look for.

The Specifics

Who: Noontec.

The product: Noontec Hammo Wireless Headphones.

What comes in the packaging: Noontec Hammo, 3.5mm cable, USB to 3.5mm charging cable, user manual, and a carry case.

What are they selling us: "Whether in the studio or on the go, noontec’s Hammo Wireless headphones set the standard for everybody who works with sound – from broadcast and recording studios to audio enthusiasts. With very low distortion, uncompromising quality, and crystal clear wireless sound, these headphones are ideal for technical listening spaces, DJ monitoring, and sound mixing tasks in the studio environment. At the same time, audiophiles can take all these features with them into the street."

Things We Liked

Noontec Hammo wireless headphones

The sound: The Noontec Hammo wireless headphones were built to provide a flat and wide soundstage for "broadcast and recording studios to audio enthusiasts" - and they've managed to do just that. From a personal perspective, I tend to lean towards warmer, bass-rich headphones, but it would be unfair to judge them on those terms. What you get here is an unflavoured experience which will work well across all genres of music - something that was made apparent when we ran through our review playlist. Nothing tripped it up, which was impressive.

The sound quality when taking phone calls is another plus point, and the fact that there's minimal difference between the wired and wireless modes is also worth mentioning.

The battery: Noontec Hammo's ace in the hole is its battery life. Thanks to the "low-power consumption technology and a large-capacity rechargeable battery," these headphones will last around 50 hours off a single charge. Seriously, 50 hours. We typically spend about 30 hours testing each pair of headphones we're sent, so the fact the Hammo outlasted that process is crazy good. The only annoying thing is that you have to charge it via the 3.5mm port. Not a massive deal, but certainly weird enough to call out.

Comfort: You can't build a pair of headphones that last 50 hours, or that are suggested for studio use, without thinking about comfort. Noontec have that nailed thanks to the combination of leather in the earcups and a lack of weight across the build. Zero fatigue is always good.

Things We Didn't Like

Noontec Hammo wireless headphones

The design and build: If you head down Camden high street, you'll find at least 832 shops selling Beats By Dre headphones - some legit, most fake. Sat next to the Beats will be even cheaper headphones that look exactly the same. And sat next to those headphones will be an even cheaper model that, once again, look the same. You could probably place a Hammo in there and nobody would bat an eyelid. And that's just the design. Plastic dominates the build, which is far from rare, but certainly not something that screams quality.

Noise cancellation: It's 2018 and if you haven't put some thought into noise cancellation, then what are you doing? For those of you looking to use these on your daily commute through hell, then you might have to push the volume up a few notches to get any sort of isolation.

Is It Worth The Money?

If you're looking for a pair of workhorse headphones that require little charging, and can accurately represent multiple genres, then it's a thumbs up from me. However, it's hard to get excited about something that hangs its hat on its battery life - which is why I feel it might be a difficult sell given its competition.

You can purchase the Noontec Hammo wireless headphones by heading here. They retail for $149.95.