The Specifics

Who: Tapplock.

The product: Tapplock one. It's available in 3 colours: Sterling Silver, Gun Metal, and Midnight Black.

What comes in the packaging: A Tapplock one, a charge cable, and a user guide.

What are they selling us: A smart fingerprint padlock with an unbreakable design, a battery that can last up to a year, and shareable access via a dedicated app.

Things We Liked

Tapplock One

It doesn't matter how many times a day I use the fingerprint sensor on my phone, it still makes me smile, even if it is on the inside. And sure, in ten years time when we're using fingerprint sensors to buy food in shops, that opening sentence will seem rather quaint, but right now it still gives me a slight rush. And that's just one of the many reasons why the Tapplock one is such a great product.

It's the same lock you know and love, only it opens with your fingerprints (500 of them across multiple users) and at a pretty remarkable speed (0.8 seconds). It can also be opened by using Bluetooth via the Tapp App, or via morse code (seriously).

The heart of the lock comes in the form of the aforementioned Tapp App, which we found to be incredibly easy to use. It'll guide you through the process of adding your fingerprints - if you've used a smartphone with fingerprint technology, it'll feel very familiar - as well as presenting further options for you to play with. For example, what if you needed to get into the lock but the finger you use to unlock the Tapplock one is in a very tiny cast, what would you do then? The boring option is to use the app itself, but the cooler option is morse code, which is made up of short and long presses and incredibly easy to setup/use.

Another cool part of the app is the ability to remotely give people access to the lock. You could let your friend get into your gym locker at a specific time on a specific day, or give them permanent access if you really wanted to. And let's say you did give them permanent access, perhaps you'd wanna know when they've used it - that's something the app also handles.

From a design and build perspective, it's top marks again. For your money, you get a robust and sleek product - which is exactly what you'd want from a lock - particularly the 'build' part - given that it's first and only job is to protect whatever it is your locking up. This is achieved via the double-layered lock design, along with the anti-shim and anti-pry technologies. It's also rust-proof and water resistant once locked.

Another thing I liked was the battery life. Obviously the more you use it the quicker you'll drain the battery, but a 2-hour charge should give you a year of usage, or 3,500 unlocks, which is remarkable really (the app will nudge you if the battery needs charging).

Things We Didn't Like

Tapplock One

Nothing. From the design all the way through to the functionality, the Tapplock One is spot on and does everything it set out to do.

Is It Worth The Money?

100% yes. It's not the cheapest lock on the market, but given everything it does, it also represents really good value. If you're looking for a smart, well-designed lock, then we can't think of a better option.

You can purchase a Tapplock One by heading here. It retails for $99.00, though multi-pack options are available.