As wilful as it might seem for us to do a video premiere for a song called 'Wednesday' on a Thursday, it can't be said we don't keep our audience on its toes. Same goes for Swedish singer-songwriter, Amanda Mair, who's taken a four-year hiatus from the spotlight, following the release of her widely-celebrated self-titled debut.

Mair was originally discovered by Club 8's Johan Angergård, who signed her - then aged 16 - to his label, Labrador. She was still at music school when she started her recording career, so we imagine it must have all been pretty overwhelming at the time. No wonder, then, that she chose to take her time and slowly craft the songs for her forthcoming EP, the first taster from which she released last week.

'Wednesday' is an ethereal ballad with a simple, catchy vocal hook that beautifully showcases Mair's vocals and it's also an unpredictable comeback track - we were, for some reason, expecting Mair's return to be an uptempo number, so it's nice to be surprised.

Mair worked on her new EP with fellow-Swede, Simon Hagström Rennerstedt, whose previous work includes production for ADNA. The visuals for 'Wednesday' were directed by Marcus Rönne.