If my life was a movie, and I was the bumbling star, and I saw everything but the interesting camera angles. If it was all to be a dream sequence, which we all wise up to at the end, as the camera pans out to show me in a hospital bed. Pale blue sheets wrapped tight. Smiling at my darling. My teeth flashing a sparkle at the lens. When that happens. When I wake up and realise, and I think back to what has happened, all of it. Everything at once. This song will be playing.

As first songs go, El Palo Alto has to be up there with the best of them. Serving as a heads up for their debut EP, illuminance, which arrives for consumption on the 10th of June. It sounds like Big Cosmos will be arriving fully formed. Which is a wonderful prospect. The song is timeless, its influences seem to be drawn from many different places, and there is enough mystery surrounding the release to actually make it exciting. Roll on June 10th.