Being from the East Coast of the U.S. and a fervent fan of almost everything New York City has to offer, it's very tiring to here the old-age "City That Never Sleeps" tag. Like any city in the world, most everything is shut down after 3 a.m., sans a few curious spots that need to go all in every night. Kudos to them, considering few other places offer that undying commitment. The point is, the city sleeps because it has to. Although it may not go into the night and rise with the sun like the rest of the world.

Director Hana Tajima see's this - or at least from her own angle - in the new video 'Reflector' from Bing & Ruth. The seven-minute plus project showcases a serene New York City during the hush of dawn. A few restless souls wander the streets looking for their own peace in the rushed metropolis, but mostly Tajima captures dimming lights in the wake of a slow breeze, unattended stores, and a sun slowly yawning its way overhead.

Those moments in particular seem so breathlessly succinct and endearing because of 'Reflector', a profusely gorgeous composition of piano and riveting atmosphere from the New York instrumental collective's forthcoming album Tomorrow Was The Golden Age. Composer and pianist David Moore is the project's central cog, bringing in the subtle textures that make the group's work soar to impregnable levels of excellence and wonder. For a deeper look into the band and the new album, head over to NPR for a full stream of Tomorrow Was The Golden Age.

Watch the video above and pre-order the LP - coming October 14th - on iTunes, Amazon, and RVNG.