After spending some time with London outfit Battant, singer Chloé Raunet stepped out on her own for her cryptic new project C.A.R. This fall will mark her first official solo debut, which features the droning pop of 'Idle Eyes'.

Raunet's spoken-verse single was originally written with intention for Parisian act Gesaffelstein, who previously worked with her on other tracks. On the work, she says, "Thankfully Mike [Gesaffelstein] gave me permission to use the lyrics as they're up there with my favourites. The song is super tongue and cheek - an exercise in self-deprecation."

Her modernist takes, as you can see in the video for 'Idle Eyes' above, have been naturally noticed by some of the continent's more prominent fashion labels, including Hermes and for the Hyeres Fashion Festival. Check it out above for proof.