Reveling from their recent run in North American, Swedish duo The Magnettes have shared a video for 'Killers In A Ghost Town'.

"The song was written in Nashville right after SXSW, and we recorded it in Tomas kitchen in Luleå," explains the band in an email to The 405. "Considering that the song is a lot about us growing up, the obvious choice was to shoot the video in Pajala. We wanted to show people where we come from and what shaped us. Show our actual lockers from high school and the bridge that Rebecka has tattooed on her arm, the Jupukka hill and Vasikkavuoma. It's all there. So if you're ever in Pajala we'll give you a tour. It's a Magnettes guarantee."

Watch the official video above and grab the single over at iTunes or stream it via Spotify.

The Magnettes will be appearing at two showcases during Canadian Music Week in Toronto next month: Friday, May 6th at Nightowl Toronto and Saturday, May 7th at Handlebar. More tour dates are expected to be released in the near future.