Elizabeth Harper has been keeping a secret. Although it may have appeared she had fallen silent as Class Actress since her debut album release, Rapprocher in 2011, she has now returned with a new EP, Movies. Now signed to renowned disco label Casablanca Records, she enlisted electronic icon Giorgio Moroder as its producer, along with Evan Bogart, son of late Casablanca founder Neil Bogart. Meeting through connections at her new label, it appears to be a perfect musical match as Harper's sound nods to the music, fashion and cultural mindset of the period Moroder greatly impacted.

'More Than You' is the first single from the EP - a stealthy and decadent slab of synthpop. Its accompanying video ramps up the visual ideas that have run through Harper's music since her first EP, Journal of Ardency. Inspired by the women she encountered and observed in Los Angeles, the glamorous character of Class Actress is driven by desire and blind ambition who could kill you with a smile. Referencing Twin Peaks' and Hollywood's allure, we see her initiate a tryst that unfolds into a tale of sex, drugs and complications.