Let me start out by lifting my jaw off the floor - now I can say this is just stunning. Corbu have released gorgeous new visuals for their track 'Promise Me', which premiered on Nylon yesterday. Nylon themselves describe the video as, "hands-down the coolest music video we've seen in awhile" and it's pretty impossible not to agree with them.

The video itself sways vividly between abstract microscopic imagery to luscious sweeping landscapes and out to interstellar space. You cannot help but be aware of your own beautiful cosmic insignificance being absorbed into the visceral imagery. Unsurprisingly the visuals perfectly adhere to Corbu's dreamy composition, as Corbu themselves developed the concept for the video inspired by the poem "The Tibetan Book of the Dead for Reading Aloud," by Jean-Claude van Itallie.

The video was created by Robert Crispe and Jonathan Graves who throughout the process would constantly email visual ideas back and forth between them. I urge you to watch, share and spread the love for this charming video because the world needs more visuals like this.

Corbu's 'Promise Me' is out 24th November through 3beat.