Electro weird warrior Dan Deacon is back with a typically curious video for his single 'True Thrush'. Welcome him with open arms folks; welcome him with open flailing arms.

Ahead of the release of his new album America, released August 28 on Domino – Deacon and pals have created the Chinese Whispers to end all Chinese Whispers. Directed by Deacon himself and Ben O'Brien, the colour mad video sees the co-directors acting out a series of odd ball happenings to create a 13 second scene. The next duo views their scene and imitate it to the best of their memory and create their own version including props within an hour. This new scene was given to the next duo to do the same and "so on and so on" as the video outlines in its introduction.

In true Deacon style madness ensues as the happenings get hazier and the beats build up in asymmetric rhythms and polytheistic patterns, reflecting his awesome new single. The video's duos feature members of Future Islands, Bloody Panda, the Baltimore art collective Wham City, Deacon's own band and many more fun folks from the Baltimore scene.

We can't wait to see him on his UK tour in September. Video cameras at the ready, who wants to play?