The dusty drums and soft but robust piano chord stabs in Deptford Goth's ' Two Hearts' are the first inkling you get that you're in for a treat.

And you don't get disappointed. The musicmaker adds his vocals to the track, crooning out beautifully simple words, like "There's nothing quite like two hearts" and the gorgeously layered refrain of the chorus: "Love… Love… is enough."

Everything about the song, the gentle waves of synth chords rising and falling like a heart beating, the sprinkles of electronic sound elsewhere, the barely discernible strings that add a hint of solemnity, and the simple, slightly distorted guitar at the end. This video, a well-shot, somewhat wabi sabi affair where there is beauty in the grey and brown, somewhat barren, muddy and imperfect landscape where Mr Deptford Goth himself stands: yet this is also hopelessness against the hopefulness of the song, a mucky pit from where the music can fly forth and flourish.

Deptford Goth plays Heaven in London on February 26th, 2015.