Bullion last week announced that he'd be releasing something new, the Rooster EP, on label/party organisers/artist collective, Greco-Roman. That's out 12th July.

At the same time, Bullion's also dropped a partially insane video for EP track 'Saysah!'. The track itself is a fun bubblebeam of dub flavours, lilting with gloriously simplistic melodies and washes of exotic digital ambience. Naturally, the video to this has to be at least in keeping with the light-hearted yet alien, extra-dimensional sound of the song: cue a world of colourful characters running in choreographed clockwork living inside an egg.

Speaking about the visuals, created by Business Company, Bullion said:

"'Saysah!' is about eggs and how brilliant it might be to climb into one and find a world of strange characters fizzing around. To be honest, the track wasn't actually about anything, then the video was made and finally, some meaning!"

Even without seeing the video (which is totally mad, and totally worth a watch – above, make your eyes look above), climbing inside an egg and finding a world of strange characters, especially ones "fizzing around" suits us just fine.

Pre-order the EP from iTunes here, or alternatively you can cop it on 12" vinyl.

  • Rooster EP tracklist:
  • 1. TC Chook (before)
  • 2. Saysah!
  • 3. Chant
  • 4. Pull Your Rug Away
  • 5. Stuck In The Muddle
  • 6. TC Chook (after)