Directed by Thomas Russell (hey! That's my name backwards), we're happy to present the video for 'Running Late' by Flyying Colours. Set to the indomitably catchy shoegaze of the Australian band, the video shows them playing live with soft-focus aesthetics against a backdrop of pastel colours fading into one another; it's interspersed with erratic and colourful doodlings as the oxymoronic cheery-melancholic sounds punctuate each visual change-up. There's something classic and undeniably endearing about this video – maybe it's the visual effects, but then again there's something classic and undeniably endearing about the music too, slightly wobbly, pop-fuelled, noise-sprinkled, and sweet-smelling as it is.

It's taken from the band's Roygbiv EP (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet – duh), which is out 11th May on Club AC30 (UK), Shelflife (US) and Vinyl Junkie (JP).

  • Video credits
  • Directed By Thomas Russell
  • Cinematography By David Mckinner
  • Cyclorama Lighting by Thomas Russell & David Mckinner
  • Wardrobe Styling By Lauren Stephens & Thomas Russell
  • Stop Frame Animation and Post Production By Thomas Russell

  • Shot at Mycelium Studios Cyclorama in Abbodsford, Melbourne