Not too long ago we had Ensh take us on a tour of his home city's music scene - Belgrade, Serbia - so we're pretty smitten with him, which is why we're thrilled to premiere his new cover of Bjork's 'Enjoy'. The cover is a B-side to his new single 'Robin Hood', which drops on 6 October (and when it comes out, you'll be able to grab 'Enjoy' for free!). In the beginning, he gives a lovely intro to what's an even better cover by telling us a little about where it was recorded in Belgrade as well as where it was filmed.

“I've always wanted to cover a Björk song. She's among my favourite artists. I love how simple and straight-forward 'Enjoy' is both thematically and melodically. It came together really quickly and with my music, I've found that the things I'm happiest with generally do. Lately I've been overthinking things and covering 'Enjoy' has reminded me not to.”

If you want to catch him live, he'll be at 504 Gallery Room in London on Friday, and at Margate's Tom Thumb Theater on 22 September.