Dancing fags and booze hallucinations? Insulin tyre hoola-hooping? Ever woken up so incapacitated by the dirty embrace of the night before that you couldn’t even move?

If you score three strikes for these questions, then Brighton's Flash Pan Hunter has penned an ode... no, an anthem for your pain. Living through the nightmare of being sofa shipwrecked, songwriter Clarke Gregg took that pain and gave it a name: 'Quiz Show'.

This off-kilter, infectious and buzzing earworm 'recorded in the key of H' is a fuzz-stoked folk jam that belies the self induced coma it was written about. When nothing works except your eyelids, and the tv remote is.. you know... all the way over there, one of the happier sounding songs about feeling sorry for yourself is born.

The single's wonderfully creative accompanying video plays like Peter Gabriel's 'Sledgehammer' with an awful, awful hangover and added Monster Munch crumbs. Share the pain above.

Forthcoming album Quick Way To Enemy lands in the summer.