Spike Lee's musical comedy film Chi-raq was announced earlier this year; it's based on Ancient Greek play Lysistrata, in which the wives and girlfriends of men fighting on both sides of the Peloponnesian War decide to withhold sex in an effort to stop the fighting. The same happens in Chiraq, except instead of an official "war" it's gun violence that's the problem here.

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is unhappy with the name (Chicago + Iraq = Chiraq) because of the picture it paints of the city, though it's a common nickname for Chicago's South Side due to its high crime rates. However, the overwhelming and quite shocking evidence to the nickname's truth is clearly apparent; speaking to Chicago magazine, Lee said:

"Homicides in Chicago, Illinois have surpassed the death toll of American special forces in Iraq. We started shooting Chi-Raq June 1. We finished July 9. During that time, 331 people got wounded, 65 murdered. New York City has three times the population of Chicago; Chicago has more homicides than New York City."

YouTube comments on the trailer seems to suggest that ordinary Chicago residents aren't too happy with the film; "Spike Lee is on some bull shit this ain't even the real Chicago the shit looks more like the show Empire fuck outta here," says one. Another says, "nigga i live in chicago wtf is this piece of shit spike lee wtf are u thinking my nigga r.i.p to that 8 year old. bogus ass trailer i aint watching this shit no more fuck."

This refers to a 9-year-old child who was shot and killed in Chicago on Monday 2nd November. "TF is this? I don't see no 9 yr olds getting shot. This ain't the real Chiraq," reads yet another comment. So whilst the mayor isn't happy because it paints a bad picture, real people of Chicago, on the other hand, aren't happy because it isn't real enough.

You can now watch the trailer for the film, which arrives a month ahead of its theatrical release on 4th December (after which it will be available on Amazon Instant Video).