It's always nice when you get a mix of lovely music and lovely visuals, isn't it? Yes it is. And with that said, I'd like to introduce French girl-boy duo Holy Two. They're from Lyon, their real names are Elodie and Hadrien, and this track-video combo is called 'Moonbeam' – a collaboration with another French artist, a producer called Zerolex (who features heavily on the duo's latest EP, Eclipse).

Vocals wash around like subterranean streams, echoing in cathedral caverns, not lost but certainly wandering around a fog of gloriously dusty piano chords, resounding off the jagged walls which is the track's bristling basket of percussion, the fizzing crackle of clacks and claps skipping over acrobatic thudding kicks; warm synth chords lap softly at the corners of your mind, all the while transfixed on the bright star of the vocals, traversing tones from the barely spoken to the tremblingly loud, the sinking feeling of infra-bass and asymmetric synth blips ornamenting with unsettling feeling. Melancholic but fearsome, it's a lovely slice of thoughtful post-R&B flavours.

The video, from Holden Productions, tells the story of someone or something (some kind of spirit, perhaps) egging two people on to play a spot of Russian roulette. Told in black and white with a lot of vacant yet poignant stares and focus on cryptic objects, the visuals and the music seem intertwined, a perfect match for the song's atmospherics.

It comes from the duo's Eclipse EP, out today. Stream below and/or purchase it on iTunes if you wish.