Seventeen-year-old Hollywood royalty and internet oddity Jaden Smith has pushed his internal boundaries far outside movies in recent years - becoming some sort of cultish pop culture icon of bizarre excess and individualistic freedom, all enveloped in a kid who can't legally drink yet. The Beats 1 DJ threw his talents in rap (as his father and sister have already done) and the results were surprisingly decent, in small doses. But it's hardly all Smith wants to do, as explained in his newest appearance in the ongoing YouTube series MSFTSrep ft.

Smith speaks just like you'd image a 17-year-old would do when the subject of being an outcast comes up, almost immediately. He goes on, explaining his desires to create clothing and continually push himself, eventually philosophizing fairly ambiguous subject matter.

"I wrote an article last night that I want to recite to you," Smith says. "How does a baby learn? A baby learns through mimicking ... you have to look at everybody as a child. They have to be able to mimic their parents un-judged until they find themselves. I used to mimic Tyler [the Creator], bro! I still do. Kanye, I still do. I have to go through that in order to understand, 'Oh, this is me!' I'm taking bits and pieces of everything everywhere and I'm creating myself."

He continues, "Think of life as stairs, and they're all dark. Once you take that step in the dark and you find a stair, it lights up. If Drake is over here and he finds a stair and it lights up, I'm not gonna be an idiot and say, 'Oh, I'm only gonna use my stairs.' I don't care about the stairs! All I care about is going higher... if you're not allowed to use other people's ideas, why are they even on the same planet?"

Expect the full piece from Smith to be released soon. Until then, watch the five-minute-plus interview above in which he talks over a loop of Spooky Black's 'Take The Blame So I Don't Have To'.