Various solo artists have been using the loop stack technique to flesh out their live performances since the technology made it possible. And these performances, to varying degrees of success can be compelling and inventive. But it's difficult to think of anyone who has brought such a mad scientist/slightly unhinged inventor vibe to their performance. Or included such a variety of instruments.

Juffage is a guy named Jeff from Chicago, Illinois who now calls Leeds, UK home since studying for his Masters in music technology there. He also works at studios an audio engineer, which goes some way to explaining how he can tease so much sound out of a carpet of effects pedals and instruments.

Recorded during a recent, very long European tour, this performance captures not just the intensity of the core songs Jeff plays, but the often herculean task of playing all the parts live, in time and in tune. And having a ball doing it. And not wearing any shoes.

The album Semicircle has been out since 2011 and new material is in the works now meaning no new gigs are imminent. So, until next time he hits the road, check out the film.