Taken from this spring's super strong, more expansive Walking on a Pretty Daze album, Kurt Vile releases the record's new video in the shape of 'Never Run Away'.

Walking around a very cold looking Philly, riding a white bus, playing a white guitar, all the while wearing head to toe snappy white threads and looking a bit like Dave Mustane, this totally charming clip by fellow city dwellers Harry’s is a perfect backdrop for an understated track that will mine its way into your ear and stay a while.

Kurt can weave a melody around deceptively simple chords played in ways that kick out odd little curve balls and form revolving patterns. At the end, you still have a pop song. And a pretty fine one it is.

The new album is out now on Matador and Kurt Vile will bring his Violators to London’s Field Day festival on the 25th May. Check out the very white video above.