After earning respected praise from the likes of Jay Z, Andre 3000, Snoop Dogg, and a litany of legendary rap figures, 20-year-old North Londoner Little Simz has brought out her latest video for 'Quest Luv'.

The track, with visuals from artist Kevin Morosky, comes from her E.D.G.E. EP, which features production help from familiar names like OTG, Jakwob, Da-P, Iman Omari, and more. For the video, Morosky and Duy Nyugen film Simz, Space Age member Fady Elsayed, and Connie Constance in a slow-winded unraveling tale of love and disappointment in a VHS-style trip. Simz is the lone star at the end, detailing her escape to Los Angeles as the relationship axes out.

On the track, Simz says; "Sometimes, things change is for the best. 'Quest Luv' was the easiest song for me to write on the E.D.G.E EP, because of it's personal nature which allowed me to delve into a more vulnerable side of myself, drawing out the substance and content. OTG brought the right vibe, Tilla brought the right emotion to the record, which is why it works so well."

Check out the video above and listen to Little Simz E.D.G.E EP in its entirety.