For an artist who is known for his vivid, and often brutal, confessional style of lyricism, Moses Gold, aka Phill Young, prefers playing in the shadows for his visual identity. 'Powder and Blood' has been kicking around on the internet for some time and we are proud to bring you the first look of the accompanying video, which Young has described as "the first true visual representation of my music."

When we first saw Young perform, he did so in complete darkness. He stalked around in the pitch black with unflinching nerve, so much so the audience were too bewildered to clap in between songs. The video, directed by Will Sharp (who has previously worked with Rainer Veil and M O N E Y), gives a good impression of this murky world that Young has created. It is a flickering and, at times, nauseating kaleidoscope of lights and shapes, with an eerie silhouette of Young drifting in and out of vision. If 'enchantingly bleak' was a thing, then we'd probably select Moses Gold as it's most pre-eminent exponent. He is very much an artist worth getting to know.

Latest single Paradise Lost which includes 'Powder and Blood' is out now on Bleeding Gold Records.

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