My Panda Shall Fly & Benjamin Jackson have unveiled a super-colourful animated video to accompany 'Data-Module'.

The track is taken from the London duo's debut EP, Let's Vibrate Together, which was released way back in March.

Suren Seneviratne - aka My Panda Shall Fly - describes how the video came about:

“I stumbled upon Nic’s Vimeo page somehow and loved his playful and random use of colour, patterns and objects. I saw a video he had made for Fancy Mike and got in contact to see if he would be interested in working together.

The video loosely resembles a “journey” through an imaginary, psychedelic, rainbow-coloured CGI world over the course of three minutes. I sent Nic handfuls of 3D models and other rogue footage I had lying around my desktop to use in the video, and he did an incredible job juggling everything I sent and everything he had made into something that works so well on screen.

Working over the Internet over emails, especially sending each other large video files, tiresomely long rough edits etc. was not easy to be honest – and much more difficult than doing it with music like I did with Benjamin Jackson but it is just as rewarding to see our work finally come to life.