Anglo-Norwegian musician Sasha Siem has been playing music since the age of 5, when she picked up the piano, followed by the cello, and then she began studying at London's Guildhall on the weekends. By the time she hit her early 20s she'd composed works for the London Symphony Orchestra and the London Philharmonic, making her an incredibly talented musician - all of which shines through on her single 'My Friend', which has a brand new music video.

The song itself is a gorgeous and emotive work, with lyrics that allow for self-reflection - "But don’t you know that you’re better than that/That you’re worthy of more than the bathroom floor/At the end of the night” - and the clip is just as lovely. She sits atop a tree branch looking simply angelic giving an emotional performance of the song, intertwined with slow-moving shots of hands and beautiful landscapes. Watch it above.

She'll be performing at London's St. Pancras Old Church on 27 November, and tickets are available now. You won't want to miss it!