Remember those old screensavers from the 90's that had the colourful, random shapes floating around your screen that never made much sense but were weirdly entertaining? The new video from audio/visual duo Sculpture is kind of like that but set to the tune of some trippy and playful synth lines that's both scrambled around yet cohesive and a strong bit of experimental pop music. New Zealand animator Reuben Sutherland and Dan Hayhurst are the two members of the group and Hayhurst explained that “I don’t think experimental music has to be dark, difficult or joyless. I try to make something playful, and maybe a little absurd" when asked about their new record. 'Hackle Scam Populator' is taken from the group's forthcoming record Membrane Pop, which is due out on 12th May via Software Recording Co.

  • Tracklist:
  • 01. Materialising
  • 02. Multi-Faith Capsule
  • 03. Symbolic Molecule
  • 04. Unhitch Your Program
  • 05. Polymorphic Operator
  • 06. 5 Seconds in the Future is a You Made of Pure Thought
  • 07. Hackle Scam Populator
  • 08. Distraction Display
  • 09. Lingual Junk

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