Coming from Japanese multi-instrumentalist Shintaro Sakamoto's recent album Let's Dance Raw, a veritable surrealistic dream of music, this is the super-cute video for the cool-and-cute song, 'You Can Be A Robot, Too'.

Featuring the vocals of the Kamome Children's Choir, the song features jazzy, skittering drums, funk guitar and a constant twangle of cascading banjo, with palm-tree-conjuring slide guitar draping a veil of exotica over the whole process. It's really imaginative, and so is the video – it had to be, didn't it? It reminds me of a strange animated skit from Sesame Street or something. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous, I love cute drawings, don't you? Unbelievably upbeat and very fun, it effuses a childlike sense of wonder that we all need to remember or learn from every now and then.

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