The shy person in us all has had the same vision; what if we just got the courage to be the coolest, most sociable version of ourselves? How would things change? And would we finally get the attention of the person we've long sought after? Also, can he/she make working in a cubicle tolerable?

Director, editor, and visual effect artist Tim Hendrix explores the idea in Skylar Spence's new video for 'Can't You See', focusing on a man's hidden ambition behind the quiet, secluded business stereotype. As the petulant pop of 'Can't You See' breaks into its overwhelmingly joyously rhythm, he breaks out, turning into some kind of acceptable pop disco Fonzi and gaining the affection (or just attention) of his colleague.

The effortlessly enjoyable track comes from Spence's (Ryan DeRobertis) upcoming album Prom King. It's the second new track from Spence since his name change from Saint Pepsi, following 'Practice' from earlier this year.

Watch the video above and pre-order Prom King today on iTunes, before its September 18th release via Carpark Records. DeRobertis will be making stops at festivals like Lollapalooza and Osheaga in the coming weeks, along with a few other stops.