FRKWYS is a series that pairs influential artist with their contemporaries, in this release bringing together Steve Gunn and Mike Cooper. So it's kind of apt that their music video for 'Pony Blues', should be born of a video production team from all over the globe congregating in Northern Thailand.

The visual above, directed by Champ Ensminger, stands out because of the sheer scale and scope of the production. The video is stunningly photographed by Director of Photography, Ulises Baque Esteve, who brilliantly captures the atmosphere and aesthetic of rural Thailand.

The video's narrative is influenced by a Thai ghost story about a spirit who is part human, part horse. Director Champ Ensminger describes it as, "a healthy combination of Southern Gothic tones and East Asian horror, from a Thai rural perspective."

Honestly though, no amount of descriptive text will do these visuals justice. The best thing for you to do is watch the video and be transported to the gorgeous green pastures and rolling hills of Thailand.