Milliner and designer under her own name Jodie Cartman has been working with musician and inventor Crewdson on a new, technologically pioneering new project: SENSEries. The series aims to pair fashion, specifically the more recently celebrated medium of wearable tech, with music – specifically, being able to play musical instruments.

"The collaboration started with building some wearable musical instruments for Crewdson's own projects," says Jodie Cartman. As such, they enlisted the help of singer Femme to show off the capabilities of the latest piece of SENSEries, called The Chromehatic. If you didn't guess by the name, it's hat-based. Jodie tells us: "It's really exciting to now have someone like Femme trying it out and it working so well with her style both musically and visually."

"Because we are creating midi controller instruments they can be used to perform any style of music (or lights or visuals for that matter)," she continued. "We have a whole bunch of new creations in the pipeline and would love to see them on the likes of Bjork or Roisin Murphy one day."

We love the idea of musical instruments that really challenge the traditional idea of what a musical instrument could or even should be; it seems that it's an entirely different, and perhaps more intuitive, skillset at work here than with learning the piano, for instance. One thing's for sure: we can certainly see Björk wanting to experiment with this.

Enjoy Crewdson's and Femme collaboration, 'Dream In Colour', in the video above. Learn more over at