The Liberty Vessels have unveiled the video for new track 'Youth', the follow-up to their previous release, 'Sleep My Dreams Away'. The visual counterpart is constructed of vintage footage of youth culture from yesteryear, with clips showing eating, dancing to records, having a game of rounders, mass protests and the arrival of the riot police. In a weird way, it seems nothing's really changed that much.

You can hear the belief in Oscar Reddrop's honest lyrics, as he exposes troubled words like, "I'm in school and I want out, but I'm too scared to tell anyone about it, 'cos I'm a coward." The chorus also has a similar quality as it runs along with the persistent punk energy in the thumping, untidy drums and the raw, riotous guitars. 'Youth' also has a brush of indie, aligning the Liverpool four-piece with The Vaccines and Peace.