The Vacant Lots have shared an awesome-looking video for the Alan Vega remix of '6 AM', which will be released as a 7'' single on March 16th (buy it here).

Although the clip is mostly black and white, it doesn't mean it is any less trippy: "'6 AM' created psychedelic, repetitive visuals in my mind of a murder of a beautiful woman," director Stephanie Elizabeth Third says of the video's concept. "Almost at random I began to make trippy, unsettling and dark imagery that I felt hinted at the themes of the song's lyrics: death and the chase. The footage is a mix of scenes filmed in my studio as well as found footage from old horror stock; I thought the hysteria from these snippets would add a bit of gallows humour to the piece."

The Vacant Lots' Jared Artaud praises Stephanie Elizabeth Third's work, saying they knew her visual approach would be a "perfect fit" for the track: "Her video work is as amazing and powerful as her photo work. There is something surreal, fragmented and modern about her work that I am particularly attracted to."

Check out their forthcoming UK dates below, and the video above.

  • March 10 - Portsmouth - UK - The Fat Fox
  • March 11 - Bristol - UK - The Exchange
  • March 13 - Brighton - UK - The Joker
  • March 14 - Manchester - UK - Cosmosis Festival
  • March 15 - Rugby - UK - West Indian Club
  • March 16 - London - UK - Birthdays
  • March 28 - London - UK - Bad Vibes Festival