You may recall our interview with Minute Taker last year just as his excellent second album, Last Things, was about to come out. One of the tracks showcased in our feature was the beautiful guitar-percussive, 'Alkali', which is getting released as the final single from the record, following a busy year for the Mancunian singer-songwriter.

Incorporating clips from the 1922 expressionist film, Nosferatu, interwoven with degraded self-portrait footage and silent film-era narrational captions, the video fits the song perfectly. Minute Taker told The 405: "The video concept was inspired by a comment someone had made that the lyrics to 'Alkali' depicted a modern-day Dracula scenario, with one person feeding off their partner in typical vampiric fashion. When it came to producing the video, I applied the same techniques I used when producing the song: layering and distorting the imagery with the aim of making something that's simultaneously beautiful and sinister."

Minute Taker is playing his first solo London show next week, supporting Nerina Pallot, at St Pancras Old Church (the gig is now unfortunately sold out) before returning up north to work on a new musical, HOAX, at Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre.

'Alkali' (and new track 'Skeleton Dance') is out on 3 March 2014 on Octagonal Records.

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