Before she was 17, singer Leena Ojala was already more traveled than most people end up being in a life time. Born in Germany to her Finnish father and English mother, Ojala split her childhood between Hong Kong and Essex, before she eventually made way to London where she began carving her career as a musical artist. After traveling back to Germany to begin recording her debut work, Ojala is finally ready to make her world debut with next month's EP1.

Included on the EP will be 'Why', which has been given the video treatment from debut director Aella Jordan-Edge. On the work, Jordan-Edge says; "For me the track is about that fluid time between adulthood and childhood. The dichotomy that comes from missing home, wanting comfort, wanting security, but all the while having the desire to fly away and spread your wings. Distinguish yourself … be you."

"So the back story is our girl-woman has rebelled, flown the nest and tried sex, drugs and rock n’roll," the director continues. "The video explores how the protagonist feels when she returns to her father, and to her childhood home, after having been estranged from him for many years. It's about nostalgia, coming of age and introspection."

The video's story splits between Ojala's black-and-white showcase (showing her affinity for Florence Welch) and the wordless story of a young, aimless female protagonist lost between lust, disaffection, and an estranged relationship with a father figure. On the visuals, Jordan-Edge notes, "One of the most exciting things about this video for me was finding the harmony between Leena's powerful black and white performance and the dream like narrative in colour. It was a bold choice to keep them so visually separate, but we found links with the smoke and the watch, and we married the two worlds in the grade by using a warm and cold colour palette."

Watch the video above and look out for EP1, arriving November 13th. Also, head over to Ojala's website for more details on upcoming shows and releases.