In 2003, Pixar further cemented its crown atop the animated film industry with the cultural behemoth Finding Nemo. Even in the Pixar pantheon of beloved films, Finding Nemo managed to capture a gluttony of attention. To this day it is the most-sold DVD of all-time, the second-highest grossing film released in all of 2003, the 33rd highest-grossing film of all-time, and the 6th highest grossing animated feature. It was even re-released in 2012 in 3D. For fans, after more than a decade of waiting, the anticipated sequel Finding Dory is finally on the horizon.

The film focuses on Dory, the popular secondary character in the original film voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, who premiered the trailer yesterday on The Ellen Show. The story centers around her journey to reclaim her memory (of which her character has a recurring problem with) and find her long-lost parents in California, played appropriately by Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy. And, of course, Nemo (Hayden Rolence) and his father Marlin (Albert Brooks) will join her along the way.

Watch the trailer above. Finding Dory arrives in theaters June 17th.