Back when I used to create videos for the 405 I would sometimes say the following, somewhat under the premise of a joke but deep down I was pretty damn serious: "It's my goal to make a video so jarring that it will make viewers physically vomit".

Anyways, the reason why I bring this little personal anecdote up is that the new video from Baltimore-based Sun Club is something that could well achieve this - and yes this is meant to be a compliment. The video for 'Worm City' is a green-screen psychedelic digital affair of corrugated visual cuts and effects, adding to the already riotous vibrant nature of the track. It is worth your time so do have a watch.

Some words from the drummer Devin McCord:
"We wanted to just make a crazy overstimulating green screen video and Robby (Baltimore director) who we asked to film the video has done a bunch of awesome and ridiculous stuff for Adult Swim. He used to film old funny Wham City videos and we've seen his standup too - so when our real good bud Max said he was his cousin we reached out and asked him to film Worm City in Shane's old living space. We just spent one day getting real weird in front of the green screen in this warehouse place and this is the product."

Sun Club's debut LP The Dongo Durango is out now via ATO Records.