Stockholm duo Miriam and Johanna Tewolde Berhan aka Taxi Taxi have shared with us a DIY video – filmed by Simeon Frohm on a night out – for their track 'Floating Forever'. It's a slow sway of a track that soundtracks perfectly an end of the night feeling, an end of the world feeling in itself, with phasing effects and aching vocals, founded on '80s love ballad drums.

The pair tell us that it's "a song about love for someone who you're not with, but who has changed your view on yourself and the world around you. It is a happy song though, since there are no promises to break. No limits, just dreams. You dream about them, and it is all there." And the video reflects this, showing the fun and comfort in whiling away a night with a very close friend, a Platonic, un-romantic friend.

It's taken from their newly released Floating Forever EP, which you can listen to here. It was released via Delicious Demon Records.