Hideki Inaba has created a literally gorgeous video for a track called 'Slowly Rising' by Dutch producer Beatsofreen. The musicmaker released his Dimensions EP via Darker Than Wax earlier this year, and returns today to release Full Circle - an album four years in the making - via Canadian label King Deluxe.

Soundtracked by the warm and sumptuous instrumental of 'Slowly Rising', the animated video depicts utterly fluid, vitally vivid microbiological entities on a cosmic backdrop: the ultra-small juxtaposed with the ultra-big. Inaba talks poetically about the ideas behind the video below:

"Slowly Rising" suggested to me the image of the sun.

A seed was born beneath the sun, the source of all existence. The seed absorbed the light. It created more seeds like itself, gradually increasing in number.

Time passed, but still their numbers slowly continued to rise, and before long they were quietly swallowed up by their own shadows.

After everything that had lived had perished, nothing but an empty world remained. There, once again, an environment where the next living things could grow silently began to spread.

You can purchase Beatsofreen's Full Circle via King Deluxe here.