We Show Up On Radar has unveiled the video for 'Hands Up If You Are Lost', based entirely around muppet-like characters playing their instruments in their wooded habitat. Producer and multi-instrumentalist Andy Wright – who also plays with the support of Nottingham-based musicians – has installed the help of Tom Walsh to direct the video.

The whole concept fits the playful folk-pop elements of the song really well. When the characters sing the fragile verses and duets, it creates an emotional atmosphere. I mean, who doesn't feel for cute puppet people, especially when they're dressed in adorable country outfits and singing tender, uplifting lines? One of them is even playing the mushrooms as bongo-like drums, am-azing!

'‘Hands Up If You Are Lost' – taken from his 2012 album Sadness Defeated – will be released on 15th July, along with new track 'Out For Fallow', via Hello Thor Records.