Zoon Van SnooK's, 'Verge of Winter', the first single from the Bristolian producers forthcoming album The Bridge Between Life & Death, released yesterday on Lo Recordings, is a fragile, organic, master class in modern, classical leaning, electronic music production.

Combining, relaxing, pastoral melodies- reminiscent of some of the more delicate moments conjured up by Richard D James and Chris Clark- played on a plethora of classical orchestral instruments, with killer drum/percussion work and warm, comforting harmonies, ready to thaw the icy, glacial climate of the Icelandic tundra that inspired their creation, Van SnooK shows his compositional bravura, in the process creating an immersive, emotionally moving and stress relieving track that demands repeat listens and attention.

'The Verge of Winter' ably reflects, with its soaring strings and twinkling piano motifs, the splendour and magnificence that cold climates, awash with stunning vistas and the raw power of nature, often give us, whilst simultaneously giving the feeling of eating a warm, hearty bowl of soup on a cold winters day. Like said soup, it's satisfying, wholesome and revels in its ability to put a smile on your face despite the chilly weather that surrounds it.

The video, directed by Icelandic director Ivar Hollanders, adeptly mimics the music it is portraying. By romanticising the mundane tasks that have to be done on a daily basis in his home land (such as shovelling snow or travelling on a train), rather than revelling in things already considered wonderful, Hollander adds a unique air and feel to film that in lesser hands could perhaps be considered clichéd due to the proliferation of cheap/sometimes free editing software and cinematic material that makes any Tom, Dick or Harry think he is a superstar film editor.

The raw, black and white super 8, stock style footage gives the video the feeling that is was shot in a past long forgotten, but still pined for, with strange, abstract shots being overlaid on each other and a slight camera judder added when the track changes up its intensity with its double time drums about half way through. All in all, the complete package, both the music and the video, is sure to put a smile on the face and a skip in the step of even the most jaded of individuals.

The Bridge Between Life & Death will be released on Lo Recordings on the 20th May.